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The importance of decluttering

Before starting any design project, it is essential to ‘de-clutter’ and think very carefully about storage.  Keep only what you like and what is essential and get rid of the rest – it’s great therapy!  


If you want the energy to flow freely through your home, imagine water flowing through every room.  Start with your front door, does water flow easily through every part of your home? Or are there areas where it can stagnate?  If so, clean them out and let the water flow freely again.  Once you have done this, you will feel lighter and better able to see and think clearly about your layout.


Next, think carefully about how and where you need to store your things so that your home doesn’t feel cluttered.  Clever storage is essential for a clean and well-managed home.


Now you are ready to start the design and decorating process…

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« Do not have anything in your house that you do not know is useful or that you do not think is beautiful. »

William Morris