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Create a picture wall

A picture wall is a great way to showcase a collection of art, photos, or other decorative pieces. Here are some tips on how to create a good picture wall:


  1. Plan the layout: Before hanging anything, plan the layout of your picture wall. Consider the available wall space, the size and shape of the frames or pieces you want to hang, and the overall design you want to achieve.
  2. Choose a colour scheme: Consider choosing a colour scheme for your picture wall to create a cohesive look. This can be achieved by selecting pieces that share similar colors or by using frames that are the same colour.
  3. Mix and match: Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and styles of frames and pieces to add visual interest and texture to your picture wall. Consider using frames of different thicknesses or shapes to create a dynamic look.
  4. Consider the placement: Think about the placement of each piece on the wall. Consider grouping similar pieces together, arranging them in a particular shape, or creating a symmetrical or asymmetrical layout.
  5. Use picture hanging tools: Use picture hanging tools, such as a level, measuring tape, and picture hooks, to ensure that each piece is hung at the correct height and angle.
  6. Experiment and adjust: Don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust the layout until you achieve the desired look. Consider taking a step back and evaluating the picture wall from different angles to make sure it looks balanced and visually appealing.


In summary, creating a good picture wall involves planning the layout, choosing a colour scheme, mixing and matching different pieces, considering placement, using picture hanging tools, and experimenting and adjusting until you achieve the desired look.

Décoration, Lisa Paunovitch Design Architecte D'intérieur
Décoration, Lisa Paunovitch Design Architecte D'intérieur